Your comprehensive guide to the best early years and play based learning blogs - Be inspired! Compiled by Mummy Musings and Mayhem.

My guide to the best early years and play based learning blogs!

When I first began my early childhood career (not to mention my role as a parent) over 20 years ago it could be time consuming, expensive and difficult to access activity ideas, resources and support as either an educator or parent. You had to source the right books or training and network with others whenever…

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Writing effective and interesting newsletters for parents

Newsletters are a fantastic way to share your early childhood service’s activities, events and children’s learning journeys and interests. But they need to be done well or they won’t be read. Parents are busy, educators are busy so it makes sense to ensure your newsletters are an effective use of everyone’s time and won’t just…

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Working from home with children - what they don't tell you! A humorous yet real life look at the life of work from home Mum

Working from home with kids – What they don’t tell you!

Being able to stay home and combine parenting with paid work is a dream for many parents I know – After many years working outside the home I now find myself able to run two businesses from home….the dream has been realised! But guess what? I have never been more physically exhausted or emotionally drained…

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6 easy strategies for parents and educators to get children involved and excited about recycling and looking after the earth - Mummy Musings and Mayhem

Recycling with children – easy ideas to get them involved!

We all know that recycling is important for our community and world as a whole and most adults now contribute in some way to the recycling process but to truly make a difference it is up to us as adults to ensure children understand why we need to recycle and look after our Earth. Regular…

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10 easy ideas for sensory sand play

10 Easy ideas for sensory sand play

  Are your children growing bored of playing in the backyard sandpit? Sand play offers many opportunities for sensory exploration and also encourages children to use their imagination  and move their muscles but they can become bored with the same material offered in the same way each day. Want to get them playing with sand…

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Sensory exploration and play based learning with playdough.

Playdough is a truly wonderful play based learning tool for children. It can be used as a medium for strengthening fine motor skills and supporting colour , letter and number recognition as well as encouraging sensory exploration and investigation. You can add colour or leave it plain, add different tools for children to find new…

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Home based early childhood services - what you really need to know. Mummy Musings and Mayhem

Home Based Early Childhood Services – The real story.

This is a departure from the usual type of posts I write but it’s a topic I feel really strongly about and I feel it’s time that there is a voice for the many, many professional home based early childhood educators not only in my country of Australia but world wide. There has been a…

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Supporting children under 5 to communicate effectively.

Supporting children to become effective and confident communicators is an important role for both parents and educators. Right from birth children are social beings who try to communicate with the world around them. If they feel heard and understood it supports their emerging identity and sense of self. It doesn’t matter whether the communication is…

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An easy recipe for making colourful baked cotton balls to use for play and learning. Find out how at mummy musings and mayhem.

Fun Fine Motor Ideas with Baked Cotton Balls..

When I recently posted pictures of the fun we had been having with paint and cotton balls on my Facebook page I was surprised at how many people asked me why we were baking them and what we were going to do with them. In actual fact I didn’t really have a specific ‘end’ activity…

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