Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Circle Painting and Injections!

We've been having fun with shapes lately as the toddler twosome have been showing a real interest in naming them. I wanted to foster their interest without being too over the top as i truly believe that a toddler's first priority should always be having fun and learning through play rather than attempting to'school' them at 2 yrs old.

I wanted an easy activity that Ruby could handle but that would also challenge Tara who is a little more advanced in this particular developmental area. I decided to reuse our sponge pads from the Potato Mash Printing Activity and simply added some cut up cardboard rolls....using various lengths.
The toddler twosome absolutely loved the simplicity of this activity...i didn't need to direct them in any way....just set up the invitation to play on their trusty paint tray outside!

They pressed the rolls into the paint sponges and then onto the paper to make lovely bright circles!

We talked about colours as well as the shape the prints made.....

and Tara particularly enjoyed making some patterns with her circles across the paper....

Fantastic for those little fine motor skills...the rolls are firm but nice and chunky to hold and control easily!

Ruby decided she needed to investigate further with her fingertips......the temptation was there of course!

And after all that paint it's important to be able to wander over to a bucket of water and a towel and wash them yourself....repeatedly!

Only stopping briefly to investigate the plane flying overhead!

Ruby had fun making some hand prints with the sponge pads and investigating the messy result! 

And a little wander around the yard with her new best friend added a little colour to her outfit!

Such a simple activity but lots of  scope for learning as well as play!

And relatively little mess really....not that i mind as you know!!!
 Tara came back to the activity but decided to move it over to her balance planks and give them a little spruce up!

And then a good clean!

We'll certainly be doing this again...a good one for the younger toddler too!
On an entirely different i the only one or do local anaesthetic injections hurt a little more each time you have one? Beginning to think i am  a big sook ...nearly jumping off the surgeons table is not a good look really! Still, I do hope this skin cancer is the last one to be cut out for a've all had your checks right????

Warm Wishes....


  1. I like those paint sponges, great idea...I have loads of stamps and sponges for painting, and havnt bought them out for a while...I will dig the washing up sponges out and make some of these up...oh and toilet rolls, well we have PLLLEEEEENNNTTYY of those hanging around...

  2. Love how they are outside and can be as messy as they want.
    Also thanks for the skin check reminder - 3 of us here are overdue for our checkups.


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