Thursday, 29 November 2012

Weekly Kid's Co-Op - Toddler Christmas Craft!

Can you believe another week has gone past and it is already time for the Weekly Kid's Co-Op? i think it has only just hit me how close Christmas is and if i want to get the toddler twosome participating in some Christmas craft it better be soon!

Luckily there were some fantastic Kid's Christmas craft ideas on last week's link up...I've chosen five of my favourites to feature for you....i'm sure there will be many more linked up this week too!

As i have toddlers i prefer my Christmas craft to be quite an easy process...i don't like it when an activity requires a lot of adult intervention as i don't really think it's letting them explore and create. I chose these activities to feature because all of them can be completed by toddlers in their own special way with only a little help from parents or carers and i think they will be so proud to display their efforts among the Christmas decorations!

I do hope you visit some of these amazing boggers as they have many other fun ideas to explore too!

Toddler Christmas Craft

Featured clockwise around the collage are:

Handprint Wreath - Sweet & Lovely Crafts
Christmas Playdough Fun - One Perfect Day

Super Simple Snowmen - Taming the Goblin

Angels - Pinkoddy's Blog

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This week we are sharing with the Weekly Kid's Co-Op
 (Just click to view) some fun and food!

Toddler fine motor play    
Toddler dinner food

What fun did you get up to this week?...I'd love you to share with us today on....

The Weekly Kid's Co-op!

The Weekly Kid's Co-op

Activities don't need to be fancy or from a large blog....we love to see anything fun you have been making or doing with your child...and hopefully as we visit each other we will make some new friends and find some new ideas to try! Don't forget to leave a comment on a post you love!

If you need even more inspiration why not have a look at the ideas pinned on the Kid's Co-Op Pinterest Board! Each week the Co-Hosts will be pinning their favourites to the board which has a large following and thus great exposure for your activity! Activities are also regularly featured on the Kid's Co-Op Facebook Page

I'd love to see what you have been having fun what are you waiting for?

Let's Link up!!


  1. I absolutely love christmas crafts/activities. Thanks for sharing more great ideas! x

    1. Thanks for stopping by to link up Janice x

  2. Thanks so much for featuring me today. Those simple snowmen look fun to do, we might try them.

    1. My pleasure Ali....i wish i was as artistic as you...those snowflakes were gorgeous!

  3. I love all your highlights this week Jode. I really love the hand wreath. Lovely!

    1. Thanks Penny...i loved them all, so inspiring!

  4. Thank you very much for the feature and hosting such a great party.

    1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful activity with everyone!

  5. Thank you so much for featuring my Christmas Play Dough activity. That just made my day! Your vegetable bacon and rice fritters sound yummy. I'll have to give those a try.

  6. Thanks Ness...i loved the colour in your playdough activity! Those fritters are so yummy...didn't last long here i am afraid, will need to stock up again!

  7. There is so many fantastic ideas out there Jode. If I ever go back to child care I know where to come to for ideas. Love the hand print wreath too. Hoping you had a wonderful weekend.xx

  8. thanks for the feature, i'm getting a ton of referrals from you.

  9. Hi I'm starting to think about Christmas and found this via pinterest and wondered if I could cheekily ask you to update my link to my angel please.

    Thank you.


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